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Pile of forested logs


  • What is Forestry Mulching?
    Forestry mulching is best described as a method of land clearing primarily for underbrush and small trees. It is a great alternative format of clearing as the topsoil layer is not hindered as well as returning the biomass back to the soil with less opportunities for erosion.
  • What types of properties do you work on?
    Rockford Valley Landworks prides themselves on working on an array of projects from larger commercial opportunities to residential properties. We offer raw ground to concrete slab opportunities for homesite preps and future builds. We also work with many established residential and commercial properties that look to enhance their ability to make usable enjoyable properties. We specialize in setting the stage for a "park-like" theme in all of our forestry mulching projects as well as offering larger clearing needed for future project builds or other objectives.
  • What is the best way to get started?
    Best way to get started with Rockford Valley Landworks is to fill out a form so we can overview your project and collect the detailed information needed to get us started in the right direction. We want to hear from you about your direction and goals for your property. What excites you about the project and what you overall intend to gain from the process. We will then contact you in regards to the project as well as possibly establish a time for a team member to meet with you in person at the properties location and discuss the project through ensuring we offer the best results for our clients.
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